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“Trochanteric Bursitis” is often Gluteal Enthesopathy

For more fitness, rehab, and wellness news, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Patient guide to Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome My approach has evolved in how to treat and prescribe exercises to patients with lateral hip pain or greater trochanteric pain syndrome

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Tennis Elbow: Myofascial Release, Mulligan’s MWM and Isometrics

Health care providers who use therapy and prescribe exercise, like Manual Therapy UK for more original content, and information on my workshops! Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylalgia (LE), can be a challenging condition to treat.  In this post, I am writing to

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Efficacy of steroid injections for joint pain

Efficacy and safety of steroid injections for shoulder and elbow tendonitis: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials    2009 review of 20 trials “Steroid injections for tendinitis of “shoulder and elbow) in the short-term were similar to NSAIDs, and no long-term benefit

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