Month: January 2016

Myofascial Release and Active Release Techniques Research

The evidence supporting the use of ART (Active Release Techniques) and MR (Myofascial Release) is growing: Scapular shoulder pain Wannapong- Immediate and short term effect of modified active release technique (mART) in patients with scapulocostal syndrome Associated Medical Sciences, Chiang Mai University

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Elbow pain in golfers, what to do!

Tendon pain at the elbow is common in golfers. When on the inside it is called Golfer’s Elbow and when on the outside it is called Tennis Elbow. Some tips: A Patient Guide to Lateral Epicondylalgia (LE) aka Tennis Elbow.

Plantar Fasciopathy Workshop by Tom Feeney

Health care providers who use therapy and prescribe exercise, like Manual Therapy UK for more original content, and information on my workshops! Plantar Fasciopathy (PF) and Achilles Tendinopathy (AT) workshops. email me to book Thursday 28 Jan 6 PM to