Soft Tissue Therapy

Q. What soft tissue techniques are used?

A combination of Active Release Techniques (ART) and Myofascial Release (MR)- both are hands on techniques used to treat muscles, tendons, and joint capsules often with patient motion.  Dr. Feeney began training to do ART in 1996 making him the  most experienced ART provider in Europe.

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Q. Will I be treated on my first visit?

ART soft tissue therapy is effective in treating many conditions in 4 to 6 sessions. We don’t always treat on the first visit, coming for only one session is often a waste of your money and time

Q. What are the costs?

Our initial visit costs is £45, and further visits are £32.  We do a £250 / year care package.  Full price list

Q. Will it hurt?

A bit, most describe it as a “good hurt” 

 Q. What is the theory behind soft tissue release therapy?

A neuro-physiological effect, the brain changes the nerve messages to the area of treatment.  Flexibility often improves immediately.

Q. Is there any evidence behind the soft tissue therapy used?

Yes!  research

Q. What injuries are treated?

Most soft tissue injuries: ITB syndrome, hamstring pulls, shoulder rotator cuff issues, hip flexor strains, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, Achilles tendinosis. ART is also effective in treating many issues that cause back, neck, and knee pain.

 Q. Can the techniques be used as part of an injury prevention program as well as for treatment?

Yes, we use MR, ART, Chiropractic, and specific exercises to treat Premiership footballers to help prevent muscle strains. 

Q. How long are appointments?

Our appointment lengths are 10 to 30 minutes depending  on the patient’s treatment needs, rather than set time period.