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Telegraph  The ART of Active Release Techniques for Injuries

STACK  New Age of Golf Training is Creating Stronger and More Athletic Golfers

Athletics Weekly  Performance Therapy for Greg Rutherford

220 Triathlon  ART- How is it different from sports massage

Dynamic Chiropractic   Hamstring Injury Prevention and Rehab 

Progenex  ART for CrossFitters

FIT Institute  Research based hamstring therapies

TPI  What Performance Therapy Looks Like For Top Golfers


Ben Coomber Radio 

Propane Fitness

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Full list of ART press including some of the biggest names in sports:

  1. Golf Performance Therapy  Titleist Performance Institute 2015
  2. How to Reverse Permanent Sports Injuries  The 4-Hour Body  Tim Ferriss  2011
  3. The ART of Active Release Techniques for Injuries  2015
  4. “I’ve read about all kinds of strength athletes-powerlifters and strongmen included, that have had tremendous success alleviating persistent, chronic pains with ART therapy. And in the majority of cases that I’ve seen, the treatment time has been relatively short-from two to six weeks. After that, they’ve jumped right back into competition-pain free.”   ART Therapy – Active Release Techniques for Strength Athletes
  5. Performing ARTS- Greg Rutherford’s Performance Therapy and Olympic Gold  Athletics Weekly 2015
  6. “In my 25 years as an athletic trainer, I have never used a technique that has had more immediate results and better functional outcomes than ART.” B. Pike, Director of Rehab at Syracuse University  The Art of ART  Apr ’13 (**excellent thorough article**)
  7. ART therapy can release tight muscles to transform performance Vigour Magazine  2015
  8. What is ART and how is it different from sports massage?  2014
  9. Q&A on ART  Austin Fitness Magazine 2015
  10. The New Age of Golf Training is Creating Stronger and More Athletic Golfers Than Ever Before 2015
  11. ART – What You Need To Know  Canadian Running  2014
  12. Address Soft Tissue Problems to Help Heal Your Body  Health & Fit Magazine 2015
  13. “ART is a superb soft-tissue, diagnostic, and treatment modality which has shown time and time again to be effective in both the elite sport setting and general MSK therapy.” Matt Connery Senior Physiotherapist Everton FC 2014
  14. An Intense Therapy for Injured Runners  Huffington Post  “That’s the thing about ART: it doesn’t just treat the symptom, it treats the root cause of the problem.” 2011
  15. Torii Hunter baseball player uses ART to stay young 2015
  16. One Lifter’s Experience with ART 2013
  17. “Sometimes the muscle has been impaired for such an extended period of time that some individuals lifting results increase substantially after just one session.” Lifestyle and Strength 2012
  18. “ART challenges you as a practitioner to have exceptional knowledge of functional anatomy. It allows more specificity which I have found particularly useful for spinal issues, being able to target individual multifidi.  I would recommend ART for its ability to treat specific issues as part of your regular treatment regimen, this can at times reduce of overall  treatment times.  In an elite sports environment, having several therapists all trained in ART is a tremendous help in continuity of treatment.” Wayne Diesel head of medical services Tottenham Hotspur FC 2014
  19. Teemu Selanne NHL ice hockey star who retired at 43 yo, “ART has been huge for me. Unbelievable. Seriously, it’s the most important reason why my muscles are in such great shape. I go twice a week (in Anaheim) and go here when I’m on the road. And I hope the young guys will realize how important this is, but they’re younger and don’t get it – but they will. The older we get, the toughest challenge is recovery time. You have to be very disciplined with that and your diet and ART.” ART has been Teemu Selanne’s MVP   The Province 2014
  20. “One mustn’t look any further than the overwhelmingly positive results numerous individuals have had with ART.” Eric Cressey 2004
  21. The Technique behind Active Release Therapy  Wall Street Journal 2012
  22. Ryan Hall (US record holder half marathon)  Innovations That Changed Running Forever #3  video Jan ’13  “ART is one of the keys to helping runners run faster than ever before, I walk in and I can only bend to my chins and with a 5 minute ART session,  I can touch the floor.  In years past, I would be told to stretch more.”
  23. Injury Prevention is an ART running 2014
  24. “Hip injuries occur in the hip joint but often times result in secondary muscular injuries over time ( i.e. flexor tendonitis, trochanteric bursitis, lower back pain, hamstring pulls). ART has been very successful in decreasing pain associated to these muscular injuries. We have found that patients do much better post operatively if the muscular pathology is addressed prior to surgery.” USA’s top hip surgeon Bryan Kelly on why he uses ART
  25. “Dr. Duke (ART provider) and his team have become a vital part of my support network during my trips to New York. I can relax and trust that he will get my body into tip top shape for the race and will be on hand to check things over afterwards too.  In 2009 I came to rely on him even more when he helped me win the New York half marathon after arriving in New York with a very tight hamstring.” Paula Radcliffe marathon world record holder
  26. ART for the Rest of Us 2013
  27. Ready in 5 weeks Kristy Wilce bodybuilder on ART, “I also had issues with lack of ankle dorsiflexion and this was causing me problems with squatting.” after two treatments …”it was squat day, I could go right down to the floor with ease. I wasn’t stiff or tight anywhere”.
  28. Ben Pakulski bodybuilder receiving ART from Charles Poliquin to increase wrist supination  video  Nov ’13
  29. ART Your New Secret Weapon 2014
  30. “I’ve written about the value of ART many times. I’ve seen it clear up a number of nagging injuries in a single session. It can restore function, reduce (and even eliminate) pain, significantly improve flexibility (i.e. range of motion) and strength in just one session.”
    John Paul Catanzaro 2014
  31. Thinking Outside the Doctor’s Office Runner’s World 2005
  32. Peyton Manning NFL legend on his 2 ART sessions / week with Dr. Mike Leahy Sports Illustrated 2012
  33. The Most Effective Treatment Protocol for Soft Tissue Injury 2008
  34. ART and Graston: Do We Have To Choose  2009
  35. “Massage is a great tool for relaxation and post race recovery, but I’ve found that ART or Graston Technique is usually more effective at treating specific running injuries, particularly plantar fasciitis and IT-band syndrome,” says Shari Macdonald, physical therapist and director at the Running Injury Clinic.”  Sports Therapy Tools for Faster Recovery  Runner’s World  2013
  36. Mark Teixeira “If I had my way Gil (NY Yankees ART Chiropractor) would be with me every single day of the year. He didn’t travel with the team last year, but if he had, I wouldn’t have had that calf injury, or at least it wouldn’t have been as bad.” Mark Teixeira’s Therapy Program. Men’s Journal 2013
  37. Behind the scenes when Donovan Bailey beat Michael Johnson (Mark Lindsay and Mike Leahy). 1. and 2.
  38. Georges St-Pierre MMA star talks about ART  video in French.
  39. Chrissie Wellington 2011 Kona Ironman win with ART inventor Mike Leahy
  40. Next Time, I’ll Start With ART “For this case of Achilles tendinitis, Dr. Keyes approach was very aggressive, as he thoroughly worked not just the calves but the Achilles tendon itself.  This seemed a bit scary – kind of like pulling on Superman’s cape, spitting into the wind, or pulling the mask off the old Lone Ranger.  But it was remarkably effective, if a bit painful (though not as bad as Graston).  In walking out from the first appointment, I knew we were on our way to successfully treating this issue”. 2012
  41. “I also get massaged two or three times a week, and I see a chiropractor and do a lot of preventative stuff. I have a standing chiropractic where I go in and I have ART every single Tuesday night no matter how good I feel.” Kara Goucher Great North Run winner  Mar ’09
  42. My Experince with ART  May ’14
  43. Twice in the past few years, a seemingly intractable chronic running injury that has kept me off the roads for a month has been improved by one 15-minute session of ART and totally fixed after a few more.”  Hands-on Fixes for Sports Injuries,   US Dec ’07
  44. Crossfit and the Active Release Connection, Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC
  45. Often, patients are shocked by how quickly they recover with the help of manual therapy,” says Jennifer Solomon, MD, a specialist in rehabilitative medicine at Manhattan’s Hospital for Special Surgery, the nation’s leading orthopedic hospital.   Hands-on Healing: Why Women are Turning to Manual Therapy. Elle  2010
  46. ART for MMA fighters 2014
  47. Running injuries  US News & World Report  2013
  48. “We recognize that the management of soft tissue is the critical component to a player’s health,” said Boston Red Sox GM Ben Cherington. ““If we can find people who are at the top of their field to be hands-on with our players and create, I don’t know, a 5 percent difference in how much [the players are] out there or their level of physical fitness when they’re out there, that can translate into greater performance.”
  49. “He placed an equal emphasis on recovery and injury prevention. Each training session included up to an hour of active release techniques”  NFL #1 pick Jad Clowney  2014
  50.  ART for Pain Relief in Runners,  2013
  51. The Real Miracle Worker, an interview with ART innovator Dr. Mike Leahy  July ’99
  52. Cole Hamels MLB pitcher on ART video  Feb ’11
  53. A Better Approach to Soft Tissue Injuries,  Runner’s World Mar ’10
  54. “When I’m on the ice I need to be flexible, I need to be agile . . . When we do some ART, I feel much looser – almost sometimes like I have a new body.”  Jamie Sale Olympic Gold pairs figure skater Canadian Press Dec ’02
  55. Iliotibial Band Syndrome and ART   2010
  56. Milos Sarcev bodybuilder  Sarcev’s Release: How Active Release Saved Him From Surgery,  Australia’s Muscle and Fitness 1999
  57. ART: neuromuscular efficiency / stability / mobility. Aug ’14
  58. Chicago Bears’ running back Matt Forte gets weekly ART Chicago Sun Times Oct ’14
  59. Denver Broncos’ trainer brings in muscle specialists The Gazette 2006
  60. 5 Strategies for Healing and Rehab with ART 2008
  61. Painfree Bench Pressing by Charles Poliquin, Myoblast Mar ’10
  62. Pop ‘Em Out Muscles 2002
  63. ART- Aid in Soft Tissue Maintenance
  64. ART: Putting Tension on Injuries
  65. “Even during competition, having ART really helps my performance. Before and after a workout I try to get worked on and it really helps keep me together,” Ben Stoneberg Cross-Fit Champion

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