Month: July 2015

Performing ARTS- Athletic Weekly: Dan Pfaff and Gerry Ramogida

This article appeared in Athletics Weekly Not long after the 2012 London Olympics, I spoke with a top UK athlete, and he asked me how did Greg Rutherford stay healthy, reach his potential, and win gold?  I knew Greg’s coach was

Plantar Fasciitis study of Active Release Techniques and Myofascial Release

Health care providers who use therapy and prescribe exercise, like Manual Therapy UK for original content, and information on my workshops! Therapist’s guide to Plantar Fasciopathy Vijay Kage of KLE University in Belgaum, India did a few of the studies above comparing

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Serratus Anterior Exercises

This post is intended for rehab professionals. I stopped recommending the push-up plus a few years back, after hearing it was associated with shoulder impingement.  I was only able to find one study which found that a wall push-up plus

“My glutes don’t fire”- Glute Amnesia and Corrective Exercise

Twitter  Manual Therapy UK  for more original content, and information on my workshops! Over the years, I have tested the movement function of quite a few high level athletes.  About 20% who have great difficulty with the tests, and aren’t interested

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