Month: September 2015

How is ART therapy different from sports massage?

This article originally appeared in 220triathlon magazine.  We ask a practitioner of Active Release Techniques about the injuries it can treat, what it involves and where to find a provider   Do you have a niggle that stubbornly refuses to

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Things I Learned From Paul Mort.

For more fitness, rehab, and wellness news, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. I have always been interested in how two business people can have very similar skill sets and situations, and one is a huge success and the other is

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Are Your Hamstrings Weak, Sore, or Tight?

The FIT Institute published this blog post recently. There are a few different reasons why a hamstring can feel tight. Sometimes your hamstrings don’t stretch because your brain senses instability and it “tightens ” your hamstrings. This is easy to

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Golf Performance Therapy

Secrets of the golf performance therapy behind Jordan Spieth’s and Shane Lowry’s success! Put yourself in the shoes of a top professional golfer in his or her prime (many of us dream of it regularly). You do two things that

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