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Treat Hamstring Injuries with Active Release Techniques

Active Release Techniques soft tissue therapy and Nordic Hamstring Curls! For almost twenty years, I’ve worked with professional athletes who make a living by running really fast. In this article, I will detail the approach used to help them get

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Mobility Work Do’s and Don’ts

For more fitness, rehab, and wellness news, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Evidence Chris Beardsley, the author of the Strength and Conditioning Research Review, gave this summary of the evidence: “Immediately after foam rolling, flexibility increases for about 10 minutes, but

High Hamstring Strain: Best Low Compression Exercises

For more rehab exercise, ART soft tissue therapy, and wellness news, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. The top of the hamstring muscle turns into a tendon a few inches from its origin on the pelvis. It is a very common

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