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Exercises to prevent a hamstring re-injury

For more fitness, rehab, and wellness news, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. After a hamstring injury, what is the best way to judge if an athlete is ready to return to play? Researchers have found that after the pain of

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Treat Hamstring Injuries with Active Release Techniques

Active Release Techniques soft tissue therapy and Nordic Hamstring Curls! For almost twenty years, I’ve worked with professional athletes who make a living by running really fast. In this article, I will detail the approach used to help them get

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Breaking the cycle of recurrent muscle injury

Every sports fan gets frustrated by that player on his/her favorite team who gets soft tissue injuries again and again. The cycle goes like this: muscle or tendon injury, rehab, comes back and lasts a few games, and then back to

Hamstring Injuries and Nordic Hamstring Curls

This post is intended for patients, here is a similar version for therapists with big words added. Researchers have found that after the pain of a hamstring injury (HSI) is gone that does not mean all is ok: strength is

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