The Best Active Release Techniques Articles of 2015

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Telegraph  The ART of Active Release Techniques for Injuries

STACK  New Age of Golf Training is Creating Stronger and More Athletic Golfers

Athletics Weekly  Performance Therapy for Greg Rutherford

Austin Fitness Magazine  Q and A on ART 

Vigour Magazine  ART can release tight muscles to improve performance

Progenex  ART for CrossFitters

Health & Fit Magazine  Address Soft Tissue Problems to Help Heal Your Body

FIT Institute  Research based hamstring therapies

TPI  What Performance Therapy Looks Like For Top Golfers

TV Segments 


Best of 2014

220 Triathlon  What is ART and how is it different from sports massage?  

Scifighting  ART for MMA Fighters

Athletes Acceleration  ART: neuromuscular efficiency / stability / mobility 

Running Competitor  Injury Prevention is an ART

Nations Tri  ART- Your New Secret Weapon “I’ve written about the value of ART many times. I’ve seen it clear up a number of nagging injuries in a single session. It can restore function, reduce (and even eliminate) pain, significantly improve flexibility (i.e. range of motion) and strength in just one session.” John Paul Catanzaro

Product of Running  My Experience with ART

Bryan Kelly “USA’s Top Hip Surgeon” on why he uses ART 

“Hip injuries occur in the hip joint but often times result in secondary muscular injuries over time ( i.e. flexor tendonitis, trochanteric bursitis, lower back pain, hamstring pulls). ART has been very successful in decreasing pain associated to these muscular injuries. We have found that patients do much better post operatively if the muscular pathology is addressed prior to surgery.”


“We recognize that the management of soft tissue is the critical component to a player’s health,” said Boston Red Sox GM Ben Cherington. ““If we can find people who are at the top of their field to be hands-on with our players and create, I don’t know, a 5 percent difference in how much [the players are] out there or their level of physical fitness when they’re out there, that can translate into greater performance.”

Teemu Selanne NHL ice hockey star who retired at 43 yo,

“ART has been huge for me. Unbelievable. Seriously, it’s the most important reason why my muscles are in such great shape. I go twice a week (in Anaheim) and go here when I’m on the road. And I hope the young guys will realize how important this is, but they’re younger and don’t get it – but they will. The older we get, the toughest challenge is recovery time. You have to be very disciplined with that and your diet and ART.”  ART has been Teemu Selanne’s MVP

Matt Connery Senior Physiotherapist Everton FC 

“ART is a superb soft-tissue, diagnostic, and treatment modality which has shown time and time again to be effective in both the elite sport setting and general MSK therapy.”

Wayne Diesel   Head of medical services Tottenham FC 

“ART challenges you as a practitioner to have exceptional knowledge of functional anatomy. It allows more specificity which I have found particularly useful for spinal issues, being able to target individual multifidi.  I would recommend ART for its ability to treat specific issues as part of your regular treatment regimen, this can at times reduce of overall  treatment times.  In an elite sports environment, having several therapists all trained in ART is a tremendous help in continuity of treatment.”

TV segments

Reno Nevada 2 News

Georgia WTOC

San Diego Fox 5 

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