Hamstring Therapy

Hamstring flexibility research

Kage, Vijay.  Immediate effect of ART versus Mulligan bent lag raise in subjects with hamstring tightness: RCT.  Int J Physiother Res 201, Vol 2(1):301-04

A single session of ART is better as compared to MBLR technique to improve hamstring flexibility and range of motion.

Shah, S and Kage, V.  Comparative Effectiveness of ART and Rolfing on hamstring tightness in normal subjects. RCT  IJPR 

ART showed better improvement as compared to Rolfing in terms of Popliteal angle.

George, JW et al   The effects of ART on hamstring flexibility  J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2006 Mar-Apr;29(3):224-7.

a single session of ART increased hamstring flexibility in a group of healthy males

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