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Ankle Dorsiflexion and Active Release Techniques (ART)

Shannon Turley, the Stanford University Strength Coach, was profiled in New York Times and Bleacher Report articles recently. When asked what N.F.L. scouts should focus on, he said, “ankle mobility, the ankle begins the chain of movement“.  Ankle mobility is often limited in athletes without the

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Tension Headaches: Myodural Bridges and Myofascial Release.

Health care providers who use therapy and prescribe exercise, like Manual Therapy UK for more original content, and information on my workshops! If you feel like the muscles at the top of your neck are tight, but you can’t stretch them

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Myofascial Release Research

For more fitness, rehab, and wellness news, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Tennis Elbow Harneet, K.M Efficacy of ART in Tennis Elbow- A Randomized Control Trial.   Indian Journal of Physiotherapy & Therapy;Jul-Sep 2012, Vol. 6 Issue 3, p126  “ART is

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ART, Headaches and Myodural Bridges

Recent anatomical studies have found that the deep suboccipital (top of the neck) muscles are connected to the dura matter (the covering of the spinal cord) by ligaments. Pulling on a suboccipital muscle moves the dura matter, in cadavers. The

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Hamstring study: ART and Mulligan Technique

A study of 40 healthy subjects who had either a single session of ART or the Mulligan Bent Leg Raise technique (video) on their hamstring. A previous study showed the Mulligan BLR increased hamstring flexibility one day after the intervention. Results:

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