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Therapist’s guide to Plantar Fasciopathy

Plantar Fasciopathy can be a difficult condition to treat. Using current evidenced based therapies and exercises, is essential.   Health care providers who use therapy and prescribe exercise, like Manual Therapy UK for more original content, and information on my workshops!

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Active Release Techniques for Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Pain

What to know about Plantar Fasciopathy (PF).: Seated stretches can help. Standing exercises with the toes extended are advised. Research shows soft tissue hands-on work like Myofascial Release and Active Release Techniques (ART) of the foot and calf is effective. Mobilizations

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Plantar Fasciitis -Active Release Techniques (ART)

Research- manual therapy for PF: The 2014 American Physical Therapy Association Guidelines for Plantar Fasciitis – found strong evidence that manual therapy, exercises, taping, and night splints were effective. Studies in 2014 and 2007  found myofascial release of the calf and plantar fascia more

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Plantar Fasciitis, Myofascial Release and High-load Exercises

This post is intended for health care providers, I have written a Patient Guide to Plantar Fasciitis: Myofascial Release, Stretches and Exercises. Plantar Fasciopathy (PF) can be a difficult condition to treat. It is important to improve practice by using

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